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Puff pastry with custard and fresh whipped cream, topped with fondant 

Almondine $4.10

Sugar crust dough with a touch of raspberry, almond paste, topped with sliced almonds and an apricot glaze

Cream Horn $4.10

Puff pastry filled with house-made fresh whipped cream

Chocolate Delice $4.10

Puff pastry filled with chocolate icing and topped with fresh whipped cream 

Raspberry Delice $4.10

Puff pastry filled with raspberry, custard and topped with fresh whipped cream

Strawberry Square $4.10

Puff pastry with strawberry filling, fresh whipped cream and covered with powdered sugar

Custard Éclair $4.10

Filled with custard and topped with chocolate fondant

Whipped Cream Éclair $4.10

Filled with fresh whipped cream and topped with chocolate fondant

Key Lime Tart $4.10

Sugar crust dough with fresh whipped cream and our very own key lime filling

Snowball $4.10

A chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry, covered with chocolate icing and rolled in coconut

Serge's Cheesecake $4.10

Light cheesecake plain, topped with blueberry or strawberry

Meringue Pastry $4.10

Chocolate icing in between two layers of meringue and coated in chocolate sprinkes

Boule a la Framboise $4.10

Chocolate cake mixed with chocolate icing and raspberry filling mixed together and covered with chocolate sprinkles

Iroquois $4.10

Sugar cookie topped with chocolate icing, sprinkled with chopped pecans and covered with chocolate fondant

Success Cookie $4.10

Two sugar cookies filled and topped with chocolate icing and coated in chocolate sprinkles

French Flan $4.10

Baked egg custard topped with fresh whipped cream 

Chocolate Cake Square $4.10

Chocolate cake square topped with chocolate icing and adorned with icing flowers

Chocolate Tart $4.10

Chocolate ganache topped with fresh whipped cream in a sugar cookie crust

Key Lime Pie $9.10

Sugar crust dough filled with key lime and topped with fresh whipped cream

Fresh Apple Tart $4.10

Fresh sliced apples baked in a sugar crust dough and topped with an apricot glaze

Fresh Fruit Tart $4.10

Assorted fresh fruits in a sugar crust dough atop a custard filling and covered with an apricot glaze - seasonal availability

Brownie $3.10

Baked fresh and topped with chocolate fondant 

Framboiser $4.55

A yellow cake filled with raspberry jam and buttercream with toasted almonds on side

Gateau Chocolate Buttercream Cake $4.55

A chocolate cake layered with ganache and chocolate buttercream with toasted Walnuts on side

Citron Crumble $4.55

A yellow cake layered with crushed macarons and a lemon buttercream

Pecan Bar $3.35

Sugar dough base with a mixture of pecans and caramel

Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake $4.55

Chocolate cheesecake with poured ganache

Caramel Cream Puff $4.00

Éclair dough filled with whipped caramel

Coconut Roll $4.55

Yellow cake and coconut buttercream rolled in toasted coconut

Ganache Peanut Butter Bar $3.35

Chocolate ganache top and bottom filled with white chocolate ganache and peanut butter

Apple Bar $4.00

A yellow cake with sliced apples

Blondie $3.35

A white chocolate bar with white ganache and walnuts

Pear Tart $4.00

Puff pastry with sliced, glazed pears

Peach Tart $4.00

Puff pastry with sliced, glazed peaches

Apple Blossom $4.55

Puff pastry with an apricot pastry cream, cinnamon sugar and granny smith apples

Checkerboard Cake $4.55

Chocolate and yellow cake in a checkerboard pattern with vanilla buttercream in between and wrapped in a thin layer of marzipan

Breakfast Pastry 

Plain Croissants $2.75*
Filled Croissants $2.75 
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese
Danish $2.65
Cream Cheese
Raspberry Cream Cheese
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese & Pecan 
Cinnamon Rolls $2.75

Cookies $2.80 per bag of four

Key Lime & White Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin
Coconut Macaroon

*a bag of three

Large French Macarons $5.00 each



Chocolate Ganache



Please note that prices are subject to change

Mon Delice French Bakery
Open 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Everyday*
557 E Third Avenue    New Smyrna Beach, FL  32169    (386) 427-6555
*Call us for our holiday hours!